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Explore our selection of quality frames from Nielsen, renowned for exceptional build and elegant design. Choose from Regular, Scandic, or premium Quadrum quality, suitable for standard-sized artworks in... Read More

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30x30 Frame Black30x30 Frame Black
30x30 Frame Black Sale price$30.00
30x30 Frame Solid Oak30x30 Frame Solid Oak
30x30 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$36.00
30x30 Frame White30x30 Frame White
30x30 Frame White Sale price$30.00
30x40 Frame Black30x40 Frame Black
30x40 Frame Black Sale price$35.00
30x40 Frame Solid Oak30x40 Frame Solid Oak
30x40 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$41.00
30x40 Frame White30x40 Frame White
30x40 Frame White Sale price$35.00
40x50 Frame Black40x50 Frame Black
40x50 Frame Black Sale price$49.00
40x50 Frame Solid Oak40x50 Frame Solid Oak
40x50 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$56.00
40x50 Frame White40x50 Frame White
40x50 Frame White Sale price$49.00
40x50 Quadrum Black Frame40x50 Quadrum Black Frame
40x50 Quadrum Black Frame Sale price$78.00
40x50 Quadrum Oak Frame40x50 Quadrum Oak Frame
40x50 Quadrum Oak Frame Sale price$78.00
40x50 Quadrum Wengé Frame40x50 Quadrum Wengé Frame
40x50 Quadrum White Frame40x50 Quadrum White Frame
40x50 Quadrum White Frame Sale price$78.00
40x60 Frame Solid Oak40x60 Frame Solid Oak
40x60 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$60.00
50x50 Frame Black50x50 Frame Black
50x50 Frame Black Sale price$52.00
50x50 Frame Solid Oak50x50 Frame Solid Oak
50x50 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$56.00
50x50 Frame White50x50 Frame White
50x50 Frame White Sale price$52.00
50x70 Frame Black50x70 Frame Black
50x70 Frame Black Sale price$62.00
50x70 Frame Solid Oak50x70 Frame Solid Oak
50x70 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$72.00
50x70 Frame White50x70 Frame White
50x70 Frame White Sale price$62.00
50x70 Quadrum Black Frame50x70 Quadrum Black Frame
50x70 Quadrum Black Frame Sale price$110.00
50x70 Quadrum Oak Frame50x70 Quadrum Oak Frame
50x70 Quadrum Oak Frame Sale price$110.00
50x70 Quadrum Wengé Frame50x70 Quadrum Wengé Frame
50x70 Quadrum Wengé Frame Sale price$110.00
50x70 Quadrum White Frame50x70 Quadrum White Frame
50x70 Quadrum White Frame Sale price$110.00
60x80 Frame Black60x80 Frame Black
60x80 Frame Black Sale price$77.00
60x80 Frame Solid Oak60x80 Frame Solid Oak
60x80 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$89.00
60x80 Frame White60x80 Frame White
60x80 Frame White Sale price$77.00
60x80 Quadrum Oak Frame60x80 Quadrum Oak Frame
60x80 Quadrum Oak Frame Sale price$117.00
70x100 Frame Black70x100 Frame Black
70x100 Frame Black Sale price$101.00
Sold out70x100 Frame Solid Oak70x100 Frame Solid Oak
70x100 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$112.00
70x100 Frame White70x100 Frame White
70x100 Frame White Sale price$101.00
70x100 Quadrum Black Frame70x100 Quadrum Black Frame
70x100 Quadrum Black Frame Sale price$187.00
70x100 Quadrum Oak Frame70x100 Quadrum Oak Frame
70x100 Quadrum Oak Frame Sale price$187.00
70x100 Quadrum Wengé Frame70x100 Quadrum Wengé Frame
70x100 Quadrum Wengé Frame Sale price$187.00
70x100 Quadrum White Frame70x100 Quadrum White Frame
70x100 Quadrum White Frame Sale price$187.00
A1 Frame BlackA1 Frame Black
A1 Frame Black Sale price$80.00
A1 Frame Solid OakA1 Frame Solid Oak
A1 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$93.00
A1 Frame WhiteA1 Frame White
A1 Frame White Sale price$80.00
A2 Frame BlackA2 Frame Black
A2 Frame Black Sale price$52.00
A2 Frame WhiteA2 Frame White
A2 Frame White Sale price$52.00
A3 Frame BlackA3 Frame Black
A3 Frame Black Sale price$35.00
A3 Frame Solid OakA3 Frame Solid Oak
A3 Frame Solid Oak Sale price$41.00
A3 Frame WhiteA3 Frame White
A3 Frame White Sale price$35.00
A3 Quadrum Black FrameA3 Quadrum Black Frame
A3 Quadrum Black Frame Sale price$65.00
A3 Quadrum Oak FrameA3 Quadrum Oak Frame
A3 Quadrum Oak Frame Sale price$65.00
A3 Quadrum Wengé FrameA3 Quadrum Wengé Frame
A3 Quadrum Wengé Frame Sale price$65.00
A3 Quadrum White FrameA3 Quadrum White Frame
A3 Quadrum White Frame Sale price$65.00
A4 Frame BlackA4 Frame Black
A4 Frame Black Sale price$24.00