Since 2011, Limited Works have been on a quest to make quality art more accessible. We are specialised in dealing in art on paper in many forms and from a diverse group of Danish and international artists. One can therefore buy artworks in different media including, silkscreen, lithography, linoleum cuts, risographs, original drawings and watercolours. 

Limited Works is a physical shop in Copenhagen and an online store.


Morten Halborg Møller, who is the owner and founder of Limited Works, started out with a background in street art, graffiti and nightlife. While living in Berlin in the early 00s, he discovered that many of the artists in his community lacked a platform to share their art and profit from it. He therefore began to explore different printing techniques, and encouraged his friends to translate their practice within street art into art on paper. In 2011 he decided to open up a web-store to deal the art, his community produced and Limited Works was born. Shortly after came a physical store in Blågårdsgade, where he could create small exhibitions and curate the works, he sold online. His passion for graphics expanded into an overall interest for curating and dealing with art. In 2019 he therefore decided to expand and relocate to a bigger location on the same street. Here he opened Bricks Gallery, a more traditional contemporary art gallery, which resides under the same roof as Limited Works.


Limited Works aims to present a wide range of artworks on paper within a variety of styles, expressions and media. By working with both emerging and mid-career artists, we take pride in being able to promote carefully selected artworks, which might not be found elsewhere and which helps support the future art scene. We aim to curate a selection that embraces a broad audience. While aiming to accommodate a variety of preferences, we more importantly also wish to ensure that we can provide art in a price range making art affordable to everyone interested.


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