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Bold and Vibrant Collection

A collection that pops with color and energy, displaying works that are visually striking and full of life.

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Sune Christiansen - Shoe gooSune Christiansen - Shoe goo
Sune Christiansen - Shoe goo Sale price2.500 DKK
Sune Christiansen - Composition on yellow and greySune Christiansen - Composition on yellow and grey
Pauline Fransson - Du krypande kropp IIPauline Fransson - Du krypande kropp II
Anne Torpe - The CompanionsAnne Torpe - The Companions
Anne Torpe - The Companions Sale price2.500 DKK
HuskMitNavn - DoghouseHuskMitNavn - Doghouse
HuskMitNavn - Doghouse Sale price2.800 DKK
Mathias Malling Mortensen - Untitled IIMathias Malling Mortensen - Untitled II
Peter Larsen - Tårn med tankerPeter Larsen - Tårn med tanker
Peter Larsen - Tårn med tanker Sale price2.500 DKK
Michael Rytz - FaceMichael Rytz - Face
Michael Rytz - Face Sale price400 DKK
Anne Torpe - Scene of ContentionAnne Torpe - Scene of Contention
Printing Monkey - ChainbowPrinting Monkey - Chainbow
Printing Monkey - Chainbow Sale price1.800 DKK
Jakob Steen - Nori TangJakob Steen - Nori Tang
Jakob Steen - Nori Tang Sale price4.500 DKK
Anne Werner - Magenta BloopAnne Werner - Magenta Bloop
Anne Werner - Magenta Bloop Sale price2.500 DKK
Sune Christiansen - Blå ben, rød sol / Blue legs, red sunSune Christiansen - Blå ben, rød sol / Blue legs, red sun
Søren Arildsen - Solitary Playroom (Large)Søren Arildsen - Solitary Playroom (Large)
Printing Monkey - SkulpturPrinting Monkey - Skulptur
Printing Monkey - Skulptur Sale price1.800 DKK
Jakob Steen - Nori Tang XXLJakob Steen - Nori Tang XXL
Jakob Steen - Nori Tang XXL Sale price5.500 DKK
HuskMitNavn - PicnicHuskMitNavn - Picnic
HuskMitNavn - Picnic Sale price2.800 DKK
Printing Monkey - Substitut IPrinting Monkey - Substitut I
Printing Monkey - Substitut I Sale price1.800 DKK
Sune Christiansen - Sommernat (Summer Night)Sune Christiansen - Sommernat (Summer Night)
Printing Monkey - 36 ChambersPrinting Monkey - 36 Chambers
Printing Monkey - 36 Chambers Sale price1.800 DKK
Printing Monkey - Parallel LinesPrinting Monkey - Parallel Lines
Printing Monkey - Substitute for Substitute IIPrinting Monkey - Substitute for Substitute II
HuskMitNavn - Fresh FlowersHuskMitNavn - Fresh Flowers
HuskMitNavn - Fresh Flowers Sale price2.800 DKK
Anne Torpe - Abilene's AlibiAnne Torpe - Abilene's Alibi
Anne Torpe - Abilene's Alibi Sale price2.300 DKK
HuskMitNavn - LookHuskMitNavn - Look
HuskMitNavn - Look Sale price2.000 DKK
Michael Rytz - Pipe DreamsMichael Rytz - Pipe Dreams
Michael Rytz - Pipe Dreams Sale price800 DKK
Inka Bell - Synchronicity II No.09Inka Bell - Synchronicity II No.09
Printing Monkey - WurstPrinting Monkey - Wurst
Printing Monkey - Wurst Sale price1.800 DKK
HuskMitNavn - The Inner ArtistHuskMitNavn - The Inner Artist
HuskMitNavn - The Inner Artist Sale price2.800 DKK
Palefroi - Tasse (Soupes)Palefroi - Tasse (Soupes)
Palefroi - Tasse (Soupes) Sale price1.200 DKK
Palefroi - Belle Dame (Soupes)Palefroi - Belle Dame (Soupes)
Palefroi - Belle Dame (Soupes) Sale price1.200 DKK
Palefroi - Cocteau (Soupes)Palefroi - Cocteau (Soupes)
Palefroi - Cocteau (Soupes) Sale price1.200 DKK
Palefroi - Bibliothecaire (Soupes)Palefroi - Bibliothecaire (Soupes)
Palefroi - Vase (Soupes)Palefroi - Vase (Soupes)
Palefroi - Vase (Soupes) Sale price1.200 DKK
Palefroi - Chaise (Soupes)Palefroi - Chaise (Soupes)
Palefroi - Chaise (Soupes) Sale price1.200 DKK
Palefroi - Fauteuil (Soupes)Palefroi - Fauteuil (Soupes)
Palefroi - Fauteuil (Soupes) Sale price1.200 DKK
Palefroi - Menine (Soupes)Palefroi - Menine (Soupes)
Palefroi - Menine (Soupes) Sale price1.200 DKK
HuskMitNavn - Free ManHuskMitNavn - Free Man
HuskMitNavn - Free Man Sale price4.000 DKK
HuskMitNavn - Free WomanHuskMitNavn - Free Woman
HuskMitNavn - Free Woman Sale price4.000 DKK
HuskMitNavn - Bubble BathHuskMitNavn - Bubble Bath
HuskMitNavn - Bubble Bath Sale price2.800 DKK
HuskMitNavn - Carry Me HomeHuskMitNavn - Carry Me Home
HuskMitNavn - Carry Me Home Sale price2.800 DKK
Pauline Fransson - Du krypande kroppPauline Fransson - Du krypande kropp
Jakob Oksbjerg - Taking Audio Levitation To New HeightsJakob Oksbjerg - Taking Audio Levitation To New Heights
Jakob Oksbjerg - Experiment IJakob Oksbjerg - Experiment I
Jakob Oksbjerg - Experiment I Sale price3.200 DKK
Jakob Oksbjerg - Medical RecordsJakob Oksbjerg - Medical Records
Printing Monkey - Supplychain (Broken)Printing Monkey - Supplychain (Broken)
Printing Monkey - It's vulcanicPrinting Monkey - It's vulcanic
Printing Monkey - It's vulcanic Sale price1.800 DKK
Printing Monkey - WavesPrinting Monkey - Waves
Printing Monkey - Waves Sale price1.800 DKK