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Expressive Figures

A collection highlighting the variety and complexity of human forms and experiences, presenting artworks that portray the fundamental qualities and feelings of the subjects.

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Søren Arildsen - Ukendt KunstnerSøren Arildsen - Ukendt Kunstner
Søren Arildsen - Ukendt Kunstner (Large)Søren Arildsen - Ukendt Kunstner (Large)
Sune Christiansen - Shoe gooSune Christiansen - Shoe goo
Sune Christiansen - Untitled 2Sune Christiansen - Untitled 2
Jakob Steen - Flower BoyJakob Steen - Flower Boy
Jakob Steen - Flower Boy Sale price$671.00
Sune Christiansen - Sol Måne Stjerne (Sun Moon Star)Sune Christiansen - Sol Måne Stjerne (Sun Moon Star)
Sold outVictor Ash - TransmissionVictor Ash - Transmission
Victor Ash - Transmission Sale price$522.00
Sune Christiansen - Regn (Rain)Sune Christiansen - Regn (Rain)
Sold outAnne Torpe - The CompanionsAnne Torpe - The Companions
Anne Torpe - The Companions Sale price$373.00
Peter Larsen - Tårn med tankerPeter Larsen - Tårn med tanker
Michael Rytz - FaceMichael Rytz - Face
Michael Rytz - Face Sale price$60.00
Edward Morgan - The Nobody StyleEdward Morgan - The Nobody Style
Søren Arildsen - Green ScreenSøren Arildsen - Green Screen
Sune Christiansen - November sidste år (November last year)Sune Christiansen - November sidste år (November last year)
Sold outAnne Torpe - Scene of ContentionAnne Torpe - Scene of Contention
Søren Arildsen - Solitary Playroom (Large)Søren Arildsen - Solitary Playroom (Large)
Peter Larsen - Portræt af ung heksPeter Larsen - Portræt af ung heks
Jakob Steen - Flower Boy XXLJakob Steen - Flower Boy XXL
Søren Arildsen - Astraea (Large)Søren Arildsen - Astraea (Large)
Peter Larsen - Gåtur med ridderborghundPeter Larsen - Gåtur med ridderborghund
Peter Larsen - FolkesangerenPeter Larsen - Folkesangeren
Michael Rytz - Pipe DreamsMichael Rytz - Pipe Dreams
Michael Rytz - Pipe Dreams Sale price$120.00
Peter Larsen - Vase med motiv af Vera og cobraslangerPeter Larsen - Vase med motiv af Vera og cobraslanger
Peter Larsen - Vase og lysPeter Larsen - Vase og lys
Peter Larsen - Vase og lys Sale price$224.00
Peter Larsen - KattevasePeter Larsen - Kattevase
Peter Larsen - Kattevase Sale price$224.00
Sold outSine Jensen - Half a HeadSine Jensen - Half a Head
Sine Jensen - Half a Head Sale price$447.00
Sebastian Helling - Untitled ISebastian Helling - Untitled I
Sebastian Helling - Untitled IISebastian Helling - Untitled II
Sebastian Helling - Untitled IISebastian Helling - Untitled II
Sebastian Helling - Untitled IVSebastian Helling - Untitled IV
Sebastian Helling - Untitled IXSebastian Helling - Untitled IX
Sebastian Helling - Untitled VSebastian Helling - Untitled V
Sebastian Helling - Untitled VISebastian Helling - Untitled VI
Sebastian Helling - Untitled VIISebastian Helling - Untitled VII
Sebastian Helling - Untitled VIIISebastian Helling - Untitled VIII
Sebastian Helling - Untitled XSebastian Helling - Untitled X
Peter Larsen - Women walkingPeter Larsen - Women walking
Peter Larsen - Uvejr ved pyramidernePeter Larsen - Uvejr ved pyramiderne
Peter Larsen - Uden titel IIIIPeter Larsen - Uden titel IIII
Peter Larsen - Uden titel IIIPeter Larsen - Uden titel III
Peter Larsen - Uden titel IIPeter Larsen - Uden titel II
Peter Larsen - Uden titel IPeter Larsen - Uden titel I
Peter Larsen - Uden titel I Sale price$269.00
Peter Larsen - Stribet bakkePeter Larsen - Stribet bakke
Peter Larsen - Stranded in the mystery zonePeter Larsen - Stranded in the mystery zone
Peter Larsen - Spejlets opfindelsePeter Larsen - Spejlets opfindelse
Peter Larsen - RøverePeter Larsen - Røvere
Peter Larsen - Røvere Sale price$447.00
Peter Larsen - Les Amoureux IIPeter Larsen - Les Amoureux II
Peter Larsen - Les Amoureux (After Dali)Peter Larsen - Les Amoureux (After Dali)