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Sine Jensen

Sine Jensen (b. 1986) is a visual artist and illustrator. She holds an MA in design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Her characteristic style is... Read More

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Sine Jensen - Snow ChainsSine Jensen - Snow Chains
Sine Jensen - Snow Chains Sale price2.000 DKK
Sine Jensen - Blomsterbuket i en stennicheSine Jensen - Blomsterbuket i en stenniche
Sine Jensen - Tire Detail no. 10 (FRAMED)Sine Jensen - Tire Detail no. 10 (FRAMED)
Sine Jensen - Gravko, Soulland AW18 (FRAMED)Sine Jensen - Gravko, Soulland AW18 (FRAMED)
Sine Jensen - Rim no. 1 (FRAMED)Sine Jensen - Rim no. 1 (FRAMED)
Sine Jensen - Rim no. 4 (FRAMED)Sine Jensen - Rim no. 4 (FRAMED)