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Giclée Prints

Giclée is a high quality digital printing technique, in which the design stems from a digital file. A high-end inkjet printer is used, using a pigment based ink. Giclée prints are high... Read More

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Søren Arildsen - Ukendt KunstnerSøren Arildsen - Ukendt Kunstner
Ukendt Kunstner merchSøren Arildsen - Ukendt Kunstner "merch" (Large print)
Jakob Steen - You Have Arrived (Dr. Lateef)Jakob Steen - You Have Arrived (Dr. Lateef)
Anne Werner - Magenta BloopAnne Werner - Magenta Bloop
Anne Werner - Magenta Bloop Sale price2.500 DKK
Søren Arildsen - Solitary Playroom (Large)Søren Arildsen - Solitary Playroom (Large)
Søren Arildsen - Green ScreenSøren Arildsen - Green Screen
Søren Arildsen - Green Screen Sale price1.900 DKK
Sine Jensen - Snow ChainsSine Jensen - Snow Chains
Sine Jensen - Snow Chains Sale price2.000 DKK
Sine Jensen - Rim no. 4 (FRAMED)Sine Jensen - Rim no. 4 (FRAMED)
Søren Arildsen - Astraea (Large)Søren Arildsen - Astraea (Large)
Jakob Steen - You Have Arrived (Dr. Lateef) XXLJakob Steen - You Have Arrived (Dr. Lateef) XXL